Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpapers: The Wonders of Consistent Patterns

While many of the styles in our vast range are pictures rather than patterns, we realise that neat, tidy designs can look great and for some people, they can create the right feeling in a room. There is something about a regular pattern that is both stimulating and comforting, and that is why we have plenty of geometric wallpapers for you to choose from. Read More

If you are looking for geometric wallpapers in Australia, because you have a good idea of the effect you are after, but you want something a bit different, which you can’t find in your local home improvement store, you have come to absolutely the right place. We have wallpapers for every kind of room, every kind of building, and every kind of mood. The feel of your home reflects what you put into it, and furniture is obviously very important. But you can establish an atmosphere without buying a stick of furniture, just by getting the walls to contribute to the effect, similar to a feature wallpaper.

How Much Variety Is There in Geometric Wallpaper?

There is a huge variety, not just in patterns but colours. It doesn’t have to be strictly regimented; there can be some ebb and flow in it, so the eye can ramble and enjoy the wallscape while the room benefits from a cohesive feeling. From light floral designs to our free-spirited art deco wallpapers, we have all the bases covered and we’re confident you can find exactly the right one for your application.

It doesn’t have to be what people call busy; some of our geometric wallpaper designs are positively peaceful. They can be idyllic, relaxing, and simple or they can be complex and full of energy - the choice is yours.

How Easy is it to Install Geometric Wallpaper in Australia?

Some people are good at this and some just aren’t. You know which category you fall into, so it’s up to you whether you do it yourself or bring in someone more adept at this kind of thing. We at Wallpaper Store are very keen to help though, so we have put together a comprehensive guide to installing wallpaper. Note that word, installing. Hanging wallpaper doesn’t convey the precision involved in the process. It has to be done properly, and that starts with preparation. We have a whole section on making the surface ready so you can get on with the main event with every chance of success. Having prepared the wall, you will find we’ve made the actual installation of the paper easier and more precise, by means of such things as overlaps. As your trusted wallpaper company, We have done a lot of research into this, and we’ve tried things out to make sure that you, the customer, can do justice to the products by doing a professional job.

After all, most people only do this kind of thing once in a blue moon, so they can’t be expected to have a vast fund of knowledge and skill to draw on. But doing your own decoration can be rewarding – it can even be fun, and if you stick to the instructions, you’re on the right lines. You could even say you’re creating a pattern for success with geometric wallpapers.

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