Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grass Cloth Wallpaper that Offers a Unique Style

If you haven’t heard of grasscloth wallpaper Australia, then where have you been?! But don’t worry because the Wallpaper Store is here to get you up to speed. Essentially, grass wallpaper is a textured wall covering made from 100% natural materials. It is quickly becoming a popular choice with homeowners due to its individual textures and eco-friendly features. Often crafted from woven grasses such as hemp or bamboo, grass cloth wallpaper brings the beauty and warmth of natural materials into your chosen space. And with a 5-star rating across the board, no team can provide a more personal and enjoyable experience when buying new wallpaper than the Wallpaper Store. Read More

Ethically Conscious Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grass wallpaper is something we feel passionate about here at the Wallpaper Store because as your trusted wallpaper company, we also strive to remain environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. Not only is our grasscloth wallpaper made from natural, renewable materials, but it’s also biodegradable, reducing its environmental impact even further. Aside from our wallpaper, we have also adopted other sustainable habits across the company, such as eliminating waste by turning discarded paper into envelopes or notebooks, as well as ensuring that our packaging is fully recyclable. So, if you choose the Wallpaper Store for your grasscloth wallpaper in Australia, you will not only be benefiting your home but the environment, too!

The Grasscloth Wallpaper Australia Can’t Get Enough of!

As well as being kinder to the planet, there is a multitude of other benefits to utilising grass cloth wallpaper in your environment. Natural woven wall coverings are known for their durability, so will stand the test of time, especially in well-used areas such as living rooms and commercial spaces. Contrary to popular belief, grass wallpaper is also extremely versatile. Available in a range of colours, weaves, and patterns, there’s bound to be something that will tickle your fancy. This range of paper is also easy to maintain, simply freshen up with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth, and your grasscloth wallpaper will be as good as new. Finally, it is the perfect solution if you are looking to cover any imperfections on your wall, such as cracks or uneven surfaces.

Grass Wallpaper Installation is a Piece of Cake

Over at the Wallpaper Store website, we have a whole load of information if you are looking to find out more about grasscloth wallpaper in Australia. Before you select your paper, we recommend you check out our informative blog, where we discuss the latest trends and style advice. We also have sample papers to purchase should you be struggling to make a decision! But don’t worry, our assistance doesn’t stop there. Our family-owned and operated team are always on hand should you have any additional questions. We’d also like to point you in the direction of our useful hanging instructions. They are so straightforward, that even a DIY beginner can get it right! So go on, make the right decision, and choose the Wallpaper Store for all your grass cloth wallpaper requirements.

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