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How to Put Yourself on the World Map

Most of us spend our life in one area and are perfectly happy to do that. It’s our home, our part of the world, and it’s a pretty good place to be. But every day on the news, we read about what’s going on in other countries. The Aussie cricketers may be in Pakistan or England; the Matildas may be showing the women footballers how it’s done in Japan or the US. There might be a rare heatwave in Europe or a crisis in the Middle East. We’re all sharing the same planet and it is good to be aware of what our brothers and sisters are up to. You can bring this into your own home with one of our world map wallpapers. Read More

How Can there be Different World Map Wallpapers?

If you look up world maps online, you will find a variety of them from those with the land in white and the sea in blue to others where the countries are all different colours. We do the same with our wallpaper with world map variations. So, if you do a search for world map wallpaper in Australia, because you want to find one that is made in this country, you will find several choices. That may in fact be what brought you here to in the first place.

Can a World Map Wallpaper be an Educational Tool?

People who only know wall coverings as plain, functional things, may not realise this, but if you put world map wallpaper over the whole of one side of a room, people are going to look at it. They are going to see where Russia is in relation to Alaska, they will notice that Chile is long and thin, much like Portugal, that Mongolia is a real place and that the Central African Republic is called that because it’s a republic in the centre of Africa. And there’s good old Australia, minding its own business at the bottom right. Such things can be eye-openers for adults, and imagine the effect on children, seeing the whole world laid out over the wall and suddenly making more sense.

Talking of children, some of our options for wallpaper with a world map are aimed more at the younger ones, with animals showing where they live or aeroplanes indicating that the whole planet is within our reach if we want to see it close up.

Is World Map Wallpaper Easy to Install?

Wallpapering is not a difficult art to master if you go about it the right way, and with something as intricate as a world map, obviously, you’ve got to get it right. To this end, we at Wallpaper Store have developed a foolproof set of rules for everything from wall preparation to what goes where, so if you follow the instructions carefully, you’ll be okay. And as with all rather complex tasks, there is immense satisfaction to be had when you’ve achieved it. We want to help you do a first-class job. No, make that a world-class job. And don’t forget to put X marks the spot exactly where your home is.

And, if world map wallpaper design is not your thing, feel free to explore our other offerings including geometric wallpapers or even our art deco wallpapers, if that's what you're interested in.

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