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Celebrate Nature with Our Wonderful Animal Wallpaper

The world is full of wonderful creatures that share the planet with us humans, and it makes us feel good to see them – even wallpaper animals. Other species put our own lives into perspective: the simple way they live, the beauty of their appearance (think flamingos, hummingbirds, and zebras, plus all the exotic, wonderfully coloured tropical fish), the elegance of how they move (antelopes, panthers, even the household cat), their resilience against adversity and in many cases their loyalty - anyone who has ever had a dog will know the bond that forms between human and canine beings, while horse-lovers respect their steeds and form unbreakable bonds with them. Read More

Having pets around the place can reduce stress in our lives and there are scientific studies that can give us technical explanations for that.

Down the centuries, people have had paintings of animals on the walls – and now it is possible to have the equivalent of a painting around the whole room. A wallpaper of animals from our wide and varied selection can transform a room like never before.

Wallpaper of Animals that Make up a Complete Picture

In the past, putting a whole picture of animals on a wall meant getting an artist in to paint a mural and these people are specialists who don’t come cheap. Therefore, murals were the preserve of the rich. Now, though, we can give you a complete picture you can install yourself. Browse through these pages and you will find everything from birds sweeping through country scenes to storks paddling in a lake to the underwater delights of a coral reef and a beautiful turtle sharing the ocean with brightly coloured fish.

Many of these animal wallpapers are particularly suitable for children’s rooms, but others are equally appropriate for people of any age. Our styles range from cute and cartoonish to realistic and charming.

Animal Wallpapers that are Eco-Friendly

Humankind has had a revelation in recent times in our appreciation of our environment and the need to look after it. There are many ways of helping this, and in our case, at Wallpaper Store, we use recycled and biodegradable materials together with non-toxic inks. In some products, we utilise recycled paper and we even have a range of grasscloth wallpapers made of jute, bamboo, or hemp, which not only make use of natural fibres but give customers the benefit of their lovely natural look and feel.

We even take the environment into account with our packaging, with recycled and reusable and/or recyclable materials taking the place of the single-use ones that previous generations didn’t realise could be so harmful.

Derive Real Benefits from Your Surroundings with our Animal Wallpapers

Just as interior designers use colours and textures to influence the mood of a room, you can do the same thing with our animal wallpapers. If you’d like to try some samples, we are very happy to send what you wish so you can try them in the room itself and see which works best. Please contact us to discuss any queries you may have. Then you will be on the way to celebrating nature in your own home.

In the meantime, feel free to checkout our jungle wallpapers or our forest wallpapers, if that's what you are interested in.

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