Tropical Wallpaper

Tropical Wallpaper: Your Ticket to the Tropics

Tropical is one of those words that has come to mean more than it technically is. It’s an image, an idea, a feeling, and in each of those cases, it’s a good one. It brings with it words like comfort, relaxation and luxury. We talk about tropical temperatures, tropical fruit and tropical fish. And now there’s another one: tropical wallpaper.

Because tropical is an idea and a feeling, it’s something we can bring into our mind and use to make us feel good. With our tropical wallpapers, we can fill a room with palm trees and dappled sunshine. Buy some mangoes and knock up a pina colada or a rum punch and you’re right there on a Caribbean beach or watching a group of grass-skirted dancers in Hawaii. Read More

Tropical Beach Wallpapers in Australia

There are parts of Australia and the rest of the world where all the ingredients exist already, even if geographically these places are not within the tropics, which are just imaginary bands around the centre of the earth. With our products, you can feel tropical any time you like with our tropical wallpapers here in Australia. The room itself will transport you to that blessed place where you are waited on hand and foot (this may require a bit of negotiating and bribery, but maybe you and others can take turns), and you don’t even need a passport; just your imagination and one of our tropical beach wallpapers. With names like Retreat, Visions, Tropical Leaf Forest and Palm Breeze, some of our designs aim for a realistic representation of the landscape and seascape, while others such as the Nirvana variations, take elements such as palm trees and put them in different backgrounds. In this respect, realism isn’t really the point: it’s a matter of feeling.

How Easy is it to Put a Whole Picture on a Wall?

Wallpapering has been going on for many years, but mainly with plain colours or simple repeating patterns, so getting the different pieces to fit together like a vastly oversized jigsaw puzzle may seem daunting, but we make it easy. Just follow our comprehensive instructions for wall preparation and then installation and the whole image will be revealed before your very eyes. You might be surprised at how good you can be at this when you do it properly.

What About the Eco-Friendly Aspect of Wallpaper?

As a trusted wallpaper company, we are very aware of our responsibility to our customers and the world at large. We seek out eco-friendly materials that are sustainable. For instance, we have a range called grasscloth which uses natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo and jute. As a wonderful bonus, these fibres give the paper lovely natural textures that create an atmosphere of their own, even without a beautiful image being printed on them. And talking of printing, we at the Wallpaper Store use non-toxic inks, so our wallpapers are safe even in children’s rooms. Some of our products use recycled paper and we extend that process to our packaging, which uses recycled and biodegradable materials which are themselves recyclable and/or reusable. So while we are celebrating the planet’s beauty, we are also helping to sustain it.

So there you are - your ticket to the tropics without leaving the room. Order one of our tropical wallpapers today and venture into the tropics from the comfort of your home.

In the meantime, feel free to checkout our jungle wallpapers or even our ocean wallpapers, if that's what you are interested in.

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